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Stackable Metal Crates

Brand : EverWin

Product origin : Shandong,China

Delivery time : Depending on the product

Supply capacity : Depending on the product

Product Parameters

Model: ev-66
Type: Fixed
Load-bearing: 1500 (kg)
Material: Q235
Diameter: 6.0
Uses: Warehouse turnover
Inner size: 1020*920*550 (mm)
Collapsible: yes

Product Features

(1) The tank is mainly made of square tube and angle welded steel.

(2) material box has the appearance of beautiful, durable, carrying capacity, no need to maintain, etc;

(3) The storage box is convenient and does not occupy a fixed space in the warehouse. The rigid box is usually welded with a stacking device and can be safely stacked to four layers. The folding storage box can also be folded. When not in use when folded or transported more reasonable storage;

(4) box surface galvanized or electrostatic spray treatment, easy to clean, not easy to pollution;

(5) Bin suitable for various industries, a variety of occasions, using a very wide range

Product Features

Mainly used for some heavy-duty parts can effectively increase the number of products and loading capacity. Can be stacked 3-5 layers is not easy to deformation.

Product Category

1. Fixed iron shape.

2. Fixed grid shape.

3 folding iron shape

4. Fold the grid shape.

According to different product features and use to go to select different bins.

Custom instructions

Due to the diversity of bin, be sure to confirm before customization: bin type - structure - load-bearing. Then by their own programs or pictures issued.

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