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Light Storage Cage

Brand : EverWin

Product origin : Shandong,China

Delivery time : Depending on the product

Supply capacity : Depending on the product

Product Parameters

Model: 800-800-890
Type: folding storage cage custom processing
Load-bearing: 1400 (kg)
Material: Q235
Diameter: 6.0
Uses: Storage
Inner size: 750-750-750 (mm)
Collapsible: yes

Storage cage 

1, the use of strong multi-point welded steel wire, the bottom of the U-shaped channel welded reinforcement, high strength, loading capacity.

2, the warehouse cage has a special foot structure to ensure stable stacking between each other to achieve three-dimensional storage.

3, storage cage using bent metal handle, switch convenient, do not have to open the warehouse can access the required materials.

4, the warehouse cage using latch structure, can achieve the stacking door can also open the storage door access to materials. 5, storage cage with a spiral hinge connection, with folding structure, can be folded when not in use to save space.

6, zinc cage warehouse surface treatment, beautiful anti-oxidation, long-term use.

7, storage cage for forklifts, traffic, lifts, hydraulic pallet trucks and other handling, handling, pile height, saving time and effort.

8. Unified specifications, storage of goods at a glance, easy to inventory inventory.

9. Galvanized surface, beautiful anti-oxidation, long service life.

10. Can be used in conjunction with the container, effectively improve space utilization.

11. Can be stacked on top of each other to achieve three-dimensional storage.

12. With forklifts, lifts, cranes and other equipment for efficient operation.

13. Folding structure, is an alternative to wooden crates.

14. The bottom of the wheel can be installed, the factory internal turnover is extremely convenient.

* Special specifications custom processing



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