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Hotel Laundry

Brand : EverWin

Product origin : Shandong,China

Delivery time : Depending on the product

Supply capacity : Depending on the product

Model: EV-18

Type: Logistics trolley

Size: L80 * W60 * H170 (cm)

Maximum load: 500kg (kg)

Dimensions: L800 * W600 * H1700mm

Frame material: tube

All products can be customized according to customer requirements

Logistics trolley, trolley features:

First, the logistics industry, manufacturing industry handling weapon, the production line space can do its best to run;

Second, planning production, saving manpower, reducing costs, in order to achieve high productivity and high quality;

Third, the mainstream of product handling, to ensure that personnel, items in the handling of the safe and reliable;

Fourth, large storage space and flexible application, collapsible storage does not occupy space.

Fifth, with a sign, a clear process operations, transport light and flexible operation is simple.

Six, high mobility, beautiful structure, surface electrostatic spray processing, long service life.

Seven, can be attached to the safety belt, fixed rod handling speed, can be transported along with the truck to do the whole, can be folded storage, space-saving transport.

Eight, professional design, easy to operate, save time and effort. Widely used in logistics and distribution industry and manufacturing industry. Small objects handling the necessary choice, handling, storage, display a variety of purposes

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