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Cow Neck Flail

Brand : EverWin

Product origin : Shandong,China

Delivery time : Depending on the product

Supply capacity : Depending on the product

1. Cow bit size: 750x1050mm, 600x1050mm, 800x1050mm, 1000x1050mm, 1200x1050mm.

2. Overall surface hot dip galvanized.

3. Custom processing according to customer requirements.

product manual:

1) cattle neck flail using the overall hot dip galvanized, both beautiful and corrosion-resistant, no rust, is a lifetime choice;

2) control: self-locking pillory Central locking device can simultaneously lock and release a bull and bull, a single control can be different to treat the different needs of different cattle. When the bull's head reaches the trough, the self-locking device activates the position of the fixed cow and guides the cow to feed. Very convenient for veterinarians and managers of cattle inspection, immunization and artificial insemination and other operations

Custom processing: Yes

Suitable for: cow

Uses: feeding equipment

Brand: Evan Metal

Model: ev-CH-23

Overall dimensions: can be customized according to customer requirements

Packing: tray

Temperature range: room temperature

Type: Positioning Bar

Product Type: New

After-sales service: manufacturers guide the installation

Product Specifications: According to customer requirements

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